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The New Art Brut 'Tree Trunk'

Life in the universe and the universe itself exists on a vibratory level. Every subatomic particle: electrons, protons, neutrons, bosons, quarks, dart to and fro, spin, rotate, which in effect, creates a universal “vibration”. This vibration can be measured as an electromagnetic pulse. It has been measured at 7.83 Hz, what the ancient Indian Rishis called the OM. This is why when one practices transcendental meditation, the OM recited over and over is to bring the human voice and soul into vibrational balance with the universal vibration, a sort of tuning fork. This 7.83 Hz measurement has been called “the Earth’s heartbeat.” It is also known as the Schumann Resonance Frequency. This is the balance of the microcosm.

Many people ask why do monks devote their life to prayer? What good can that do in a world spinning out of control? Why would anyone wish to remove themselves from the societal community, the joys and pleasures of family and devote their entire lives to prayer? Prayer is a vibration. They may not even know it as most respond to an inner calling and this “inner calling” may in effect, be the soul responding to find balance within the “cosmic” vibration, the mind of God. Thus, prayer, worldwide, in unison: Vigils (midnight), Lauds (dawn), Prime (first hour of mourning), Sext (noon), None (mid afternoon), Vespers (early evening), and Compline (before bed) creates a universal vibration of love towards God and within God as a bulwark against the negative vibration of man’s inhumanity towards man, driven by greed, temptation, and self interest. Prayer, thus, is a force on a vibrational level within the cosmos. This is the balance of the macrocosm.

Likewise, organizations such as church, religious retreats, shelters for the homeless, soup kitchens, NGO’s and nonprofits set up to advance human rights and address and counteract the negative vibratory effects of injustice, racism, corrupt governments, the wholesale destruction of Mother Earth, corporate greed and those who profit by it, are in effect, not unlike prayer. NAB lies within this positive balance of the macrocosm. Force lies within numbers. Taken together collectively, the positive vibration emanating from prayer, from the aforementioned organizations and positive individual effort must and will overcome and triumph over the negative vibration we call “evil”. A symphony will drown out choir.

In essence, this is our “trunk”.

Tom Liesegang


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