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Organizations such as NAB need your help now more than ever. Please donate for our public poster campaign or volunteer to lend a hand. We welcome submissions from artists, writers, poets. Now is the time for artists, writers, and activists to make their voices heard. 


nab manifesto

Art Brut (raw art or rough art) is a term coined by the French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985).  It has become synonymous with the term “outsider art,” a marketing label used to describe art that is not created within the boundaries of official culture. But what is “official” culture?  And what is Art Brut in the context of today?


Art Brut needs to be redefined to reflect the present global culture: a culture under siege by geopolitical violence, upheaval, uncertainty, and fear. Continuous war, terrorism, and political corruption are now the norm. A new artistic genre is needed to collectively reflect the increasing feelings and experiences of brutality across the world.  We call it “New Art Brut” (NAB).


NAB screams “NO” to ignorance, silence, injustice and racism.  “NO” to the destruction of the environment. “NO” to unjust incarceration and corrupt political systems. NAB is a reaction against the black leather boot, riot gear, tear gas, and intimidation.


NAB is global and unpretentious.  It is the voice of the oppressed, the poor, and the forgotten. NAB calls on artists worldwide to engage in dialog and activism through the collective effort that is NAB. Portraying and calling out injustice will be the foundation on which NAB is built.  


NAB brings into focus what our minds don’t wish to see. 




Tom Liesegang                                         April 2017

nab news
NAB welcomes Larry Ruhl to the NAB platform

NAB welcomes Vanessa Glynn to the NAB platform 
COVID-19 fails to shutdown artist productivity
NAB welcomes Cynthia Karalla and Randy Williams to the NAB platform

NAB Holds NABLab Lecture
at Mount Saint Mary College with speaker
Janet Braun-Reinitz

NAB Holds first NABLab 
Lecture during Newburgh
Open Studios with speaker
Steven Lambert of C4AA

NAB Approved for Fiscal Sponsorship by Fractured Atlas

NAB Incorporates within
the state of New York

NAB Establishes itself in
Newburgh, New York

NAB attends One Year of Resistance in NYC
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