Cynthia Karalla

Cynthia Karalla’s latest series Read Roses of the Mueller Report is a current
engagement with American society and politics through the artist’s unique

The visual motif at the core of this series is the passion-red paper rose,
forged with print pages of the recently published Mueller Report, a 472-page
document crucial in the debate over presidential impeachment. Not by chance, the red rose, traditionally associated with love and beauty, historic
symbol of democratic and anti-authoritarian thought also happens to be the official floral emblem of the United States.

As the present social landscape fractures between class struggles, gender
inequalities and corruption, the need arises for a comprehensive overview of
the present configuration of power relations in the United States, as affecting
both the individual and the collective. It is so that art becomes the political
tool for the artist not only to enact civic duty in her position as an American
woman, but also to direct a message of empathy to humankind as a whole.
Karalla intends to spread a loud message: read, inquire, and gain awareness
of the status quo.


Cooper-Hewitt Museum, NYC
Yokohama Museum, Tokyo, Japan
New York Public Library, NYC
Koç Holding, Istanbul, Turkey

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